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Tactile-vestibular stimulation to prevent apnea in pre-term infants

The duration of a normal pregnancy approximates 40 weeks. After birth the child usually does not experience breathing dysfunctions. Pre-term infants born at as early as 25 weeks need life support measures which are provided by neonatal intensive care units. Artikel lesen


So far it is not possible to acquire information about skin deformation characteristics at the point of contact while the fingertips explore the surface of an object or an area. The goal of the project is the development of a measuring procedure which will allow reconstructing the deformation characteristics of the fingertips during object exploration with an accuracy of 100µm. Artikel lesen

Evaluation and training of haptic perception in veterinary students to improve their palpation skills

Palpation of the animal body is an important diagnostic instrument during veterinary medical examination. Haptic perception skills are an essential part of all palpatory procedures. The present study will analyze the quality of the students’ haptic skills as well as the extent of its trainability. Artikel lesen

Neurophysiological correlates of the regulation of emotion and working memory processes through spontaneous facial self-touch gestures

Fetuses as well as adults spontaneously touch their own face between 400 and 800 times a day. Goal of the project is to elucidate which neurophysiological mechanisms underlie this behavior. Artikel lesen
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Paul-Flechsig-Institut für Hirnforschung