Paul-Flechsig-Institut für Hirnforschung
 Universitätsmedizin Leipzig

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Arendt


1976-1982 Medicine, University of Leipzig


1978 Medical Diploma, University of Leipzig, Germany

1982 Graduation from Medical School, University of Leipzig

1982 Medical Thesis, University of Leipzig, Germany

1987 Medical Specialist (Biochemistry)

1990 Habilitation and venia legendi in Neuroscience, University of Leipzig, Germany

Research Experience

1982 Scientific Assistant, Institute for Medical Microbiology, Univ. Leipzig

1982-1986 PostDoc Paul Flechsig Institute of Brain Research, Dept. Neurochemistry

1984 Visiting scientist, Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow

1986 - 1987 Wellcome Fellow, Institute of Psychiatry, University of London

1987 - 1996 Research Group Leader, Paul Flechsig Inst. of Brain Research, Univ. Leipzig

Since 1996 Full Professor for Neuroanatomy, University of Leipzig


1987-1996 Research Group Leader, Paul Flechsig Inst. of Brain Research, Univ. Leipzig

since 1996 Full Professor for Neuroanatomy and Head of Department, University of Leipzig

2003-2005 Member of the Dean´s office of the Medical Faculty

2006-2012 Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research Leipzig (IZKF)

since 2012 Director of the Alzheimer Centre Leipzig

since 2005 Managing Director of the Paul Flechsig Institute of Brain Research

Academic awards

1976 Lessing Award

1984 Award of the German Society for Experimental Medicine   

1985 Rudolf-Virchow-Award                                          

1986 Welcome Trust Fellowship                                    

1995 Award of the German Brain League                       

2004 Alois Alzheimer Award of the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University Frankfurt

Research fields

  • Neurobiology of Alzheimer´s disease
  • Animal models of neurodegeneration and regeneration
  • Structural and functional organization of the central cholinergic system
  • Neuronal repair and plasticity
  • Regulation of the cell cycle, control of differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis

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Paul-Flechsig-Institut für Hirnforschung